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Marleen Enthoven, NL, Assistant Product Development, CSL Behring, Biotherapies for Life, Berne

After several Courses on different instituts, I was looking for something more challenging and espacially more effective.

The most positive on the private German lessons from Ms. Winter is that she prepares you a costum made language course. You only learn what you need to learn and she prepares you perfectly for the Goethe exam.

Now after I have finished the course, I wished I had known about her before. The lessons have been extremely fun and I was looking forward to it every week.

I don't think I would have passed my Goethe Certificate C2 without her help.


Goran Cvetkovic - Professional handball player & phw student, Bern, Switzerland

As I decided to start my studies in Switzerland, I realized that I needed to significantly improve my German skills as soon as possible. This is when I came across the advertisement deutsch aktiv and made the call!

After almost two years of attending the lessons, my German has improved in all those segments which are critical for my studies. After many reading, writing and conversation exercises done so far, I am proud to say that I can cope with my studies in German easier than before. Apart from an exeptional educational background, Barbara also has a very positive attitude that helps one a lot when faced with seemingly unsolvable obstacles.

I can warmly recommend Barbara to anyone wanting to improve German skills and setting high criteria in the choice of the professor which will support him in this efforts.


Prof. Dr. Douglas Pratt, New Zealand, Adjunct Professor, University of Berne

Frau Winter is tipp topp! As a mature student who had studied german many years ago, I needed help to brush up my language skills - to recover what I had lost for lack of use, and to advance my capacity.

I could not have found a better teacher and mentor. In a matter of a few weeks Frau Winter had me conversing with her at a level I did not think I could reach.

Her teaching style is supportive and gently leading. She is very perceptive and most encouraging. I highly recommend deutsch aktiv - excellence in teaching for excellent Student progress.


Roger L. - United Kingdom/Amsoldingen

Barbara is excellent at helping personal communication blockages to dissolve - as well as teaching Deutsch! Having failed to express myself in Deutsch over a number of years, this was made the difference for me. In addition, she is friendly and personable, professional and active, with a great sense of humour - highly recommended.


Henri G. about his 11 year old daughter Camille, Washington D.C. USA

We felt that Camille really enjoyed the week with you. She had fun learning German and liked the journey to the stop at the bakery. She had a good feeling about you, and your teaching has been very positive for her. Camille needs the atmosphere of safety and trust that you gave her. This, together with the professional lessons, helped her progress leap forwards.


Kosta T. - Greece/Zollikofen-Bern

Frau Barbara Winter - a stroke of luck for me! After a six week group language course, I was hardly able to construct a single sentence in German. Frau Winter understands that it is not only language inhibitions that need to be overcome. She is also a brilliant psychologist that understands my issues and through sharing, helps me through so many crises of communication. She has a positive, cheerful and self-confident way and so, together with the pleasant surroundings, I do look forward to each German-lesson. Thank you Frau Winter, for your valuable service and may I wish you all the best for the future.


Stephanie A. - Tessin/Bern, Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern

I’ve had private German lessons from Frau Winter over a six month period. My goal was both to improve my understanding of the spoken word and also my verbal expression, especially to be more confident of my abilities. Over an hour with Frau Winter, I could discuss various topics that were relevant to my daily work. I have learnt new ways of speaking and can now lead complex discussions on various topics without a problem. Thank you Frau Winter, for your assistance. My course is now finished, but I would attend certainly have another course with Frau Winter.


Alicia H. - USA/Aeschlen-Thun, Project Managerin

My German language ability took a quantum leap after taking private lessons from Barbara. Not only does she have the dept and knowledge of the language, but most importantly she understands English and she is very patient and empathic towards her students.


Francine C. - Fribourg, Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern

The course I am doing with Frau Winter, is just right for my German Level. I have fun and feel good in this course. The hourly lessons are always varied and interesting with grammar and current themes. Also the homework gives new impulses. Now when I speak Deutsch, I notice a difference from before, I can build complex sentences and speak more fluently.


Agon B. - Bern, Schär Buri Architects, Bern

I have been regularly attending German lessons with Frau Winter for over a year now. I recommend the course because of the flexible appointment possibilities and the enjoyable, individual lessons. The lessons consist of conversations, presentations and writing and are lively and varied.


Ho Wai Ying - Hongkong, Student PH Bern

I think this course is good for me. I can learn a lot from small group. And this is the most interesting course I have in Switzerland.


Wong Yung Hong - Hongkong, Student PH Bern

I think the German Course is very useful for my daily life in Switzerland. Of course after one time a week during 3 months it is not enough for a conversation, but it is very helpful to understand Swiss and German people.

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